We fuse all technologies to create smart solution and help you solve the problems


To deliver your idea into reality, we employ advanced electronic technology – reliable electronic sensor, programmable IC, and other supporting electronic component


To achieve fast big-data processing and analysis, we apply computer-integrated softwares to collect data based on electronic hardwares and process it.


To serve excellent actuator, we design and build the best machining devices to perform your project


To bring your device accessible from any place, we utilize IoT technology that connect your device into web-server to your master control device.

About Us

We help you to deliver your brilliant ideas into reality

Peseno is a start-up of a professional custom electronic product company. Peseno provides one stop solution for either bussiness and individual through consulting to producing electronics innovation to improve customer productivity and efficiency. With a total and professional team of expert engineers, Peseno commits to perfection - to solve customer problems by delivering ideas into reality.


    we bring 95% of our customer requests into reality


    92% of our projects are done before the deadline


    to prove our quality, 88% of our project outcomes are guaranteed


    100% of our project are documented with complete process


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